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Early in his life 19 years ago Manuel Hernandez began working with a moving company. This is where he first got his experience, and saw firsthand the importance of taking good care of customers during the difficult and frustrating time of moving. It was at that point he decided that he was going to start Flash Movers. His vision: to provide people with the right level of support needed to remove the stress for a successful move. After 5 years in business and many satisfied customers, Manuel and his team continue to stand behind this vision.


Moving is third on the lists of life’s most stressful events. When you move, your day to day ordinary routine needs to be re-established, your support system may be left behind or need to change, and your budget may be depleted, especially if it’s unexpected. This, is all in addition to the stress of having to organize, pack, and move your belongings to a new location. Flash Movers is a skilled and licensed professional moving company located in Chicago, Illinois. We serve all of Chicago and neighboring communities. Our goal is to not only meet your needs, but to exceed your expectations, by creating a smooth and seamless moving experience for you and your family.


Emergencies Can Happen No one is insured against emergencies. Often there are times when moving can happen as a result of an emergency like losing a job, separating, downsizing, death, etc. These are all examples that may require an emergency move and during those times you need extra support. At Flash Movers, we understand your pain, worry and anxiety, and we are here to help you through it all.
Disassemble and Reassemble So, you disconnected your electronic items to prepare for the move. Uh oh, when you get to your new place you can’t remember how to put them back together! TIP: Take a picture before dismantling or even better, let Flash Movers take care of it with our worry free disassemble and reassemble service.
Take or Toss? If your things are taking up precious space, moving is a great time to de-clutter. You can get rid of all the things that you haven’t used for years. As part of your moving service, Flash Movers can help you discard items that you don’t want. Click here for a chart to help you to determine if you should take or toss it.
Countdown to a Successful Move Moving is stressful, but it doesn’t really have to be. It’s all about planning. Let Flash Movers help you get organized with this handy countdown to moving day. Click here to check it out.

What Our Customers Are Saying...

Manuel‘s team is amazing! They moved us from Hyde Park to South Loop in just two hours. We had a lot of big furniture that was carefully wrapped with furniture pads and other items were sealed tightly in wrap so that everything arrived to the new place in pristine condition. Manuel‘s guys asked where each box should go when we arrived and reassembled our furniture for us- it was a moving dream come true!! Thanks Manuel for completely taking the stress out of the move and to your guys for their speed, methodical work, and friendliness 🙂

Katrina M.

I could not have imagined a better moving experience. My neighbors recommended Flash Movers to me when they found out we were moving. As I asked around for quotes, and Manuel gave me a VERY reasonable price. The crew made sure none of my furniture was damaged in the move, and they were very friendly. The move went much faster than I thought it would. Will definitely call Manuel again if I need to make another move!

Alejandra V.

After Manuel and his team had completed my move, the next day, I realized I had asked them to move a heavy piece to one room that I actually wanted in another and I needed the piece moved before internet and cable guys arrived.  Sure enough Manuel and one of his team members came over AGAIN on their day off and moved the piece for me, within a few minutes.  I can’t say enough about the service and professionalism of Flash Movers and I will certainly be using them again and again!

Elle S.

Wow!! They were amazing!! Took everything in my apartment and took apart a treadmill and table for me!! Moved everything in my 3 bedroom apartment in one trip and put it where I needed it to go in the new house (1st floor, basement and garage). Even put my treadmill back together again and offered to mount my beds back up in the bedrooms. Manuel and his crew were awesome!! We will definitely be using them again in the future

Yari M.

I was moving from my place in wicker park to old town and my movers fell through last minute. Booked with flash the night before – Manuel and his crew moved my furniture from a second floor walk up to a third floor walk up within an hour. They were so fast, wrapped up everything so wouldn’t get damaged, and even put my bed back together. They were quick and efficient and were very reasonably priced. Will be using them for all my future moves!

Phoebe M.

Manuel and his team are simply THE BEST….hands down! I have moved A LOT in Chicago and I just wish I would’ve found them years ago.  He moved me 2 days after closing on my first home purchase, so I was EXTREMELY stressed. They arrived, assessed the situation and literally took it from there.  My move was extremely difficult due to 2 steep and oddly angled staircases in my new home. Manuel and team didn’t flinch one bit, they just got it done and there was not a single scratch on my freshly painted walls or floors.

Elle S.


Manuel Hernandez


Manuel Hernandez is the Owner and President of Flash Movers. As President, Manuel serves as the daily operations manager, dictating the performance and training of his team and ensuring that they are consistently providing quality service to customers. His oversight and management is the critical driving force behind the company’s success. Manuel personally makes himself available to both clients and his team, while keeping an eye on all of the business details and transactions. He takes pride in the company’s attention to delivering great service and putting customers at ease during the moving process.   When you work with the Flash Movers team it’s like family. Manuel and his efficient, friendly and professional team will get your belongings to where they need to be quickly and safely.   Manuel and his team enjoys working hard for customers and their number one goal is to leave a positive, impressionable mark on the people they serve, while building a legacy of excellence for his family.   Check out the Flash Movers team:

Alejandro Flores

Senior Mover

Bernabe Hernandez

Driver, Helper, Stocker

Gilberto Hernandez


Javier Aguilar

Helper, Packer, Stocker

Rafael Garcia

Helper, Packer

Reynaldo Hernandez